Рекси – самая эмоциональная кошка в мире, которая завоевала интернет (23 фото)

Кошке Рекси 3 года, и когда дело доходит до выражения эмоций, у нее нет конкурентов в животном мире! Она позирует и ждет, пока хозяин сделает снимок ) Это больше похоже на работу фотографа и модели))) Рекси с удовольствием показывает хозяину язык и ждет удачного кадра. У Рекси проблемы с задними лапками, она инвалид, но это ей никак не мешает получать удовольствие от жизни и радовать не только своего хозяина и фотографа, но и весь интернет!



Rexie: Who let the Monday out again? 🙀

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Cutester that lives in a drawer 😻

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#LearnAboutRexie The overwhelming amount of questions among all we receive on Rexie's daily routine are those regarding the toilet situation. So, brace yourself for the upcoming little poo and pee stories insight. It should be clear that paralysed waist down pets lose control over their bladder which basically means that the brain stops communicating with it due to the damage caused, so the animals live as if their bladder is not a part of their body anymore. So they are unable to use a litter box on their own and at all. In some cases, they might leak as soon as the bladder starts to get full, and those pets have to wear diapers because they urinate non stop, so to say. But there are also cases when pets don't leak, but in order to get the urine out to prevent bladder from bursting, you need to empty it with your hands. That's Rexie's case. I express his bladder twice a day (some cats need that to be done more often). The procedure is basically about squeezing his bladder hard enough but gently at the same time to make him pee. It might sound like a difficult thing to do and it is so at the beginning, but all it takes is a consistent practice. And as a side note, Rexie does leak when he's deep asleep, that's why he always sleeps with pee pads under his bum. As for the thing number two, some pets start doing it as soon as it's coming out on its own as they have no control over this issue. Rexie's bowel requires some sort of stimulating massage to make him go, most of the time. As soon as you learn your special needs pet's body language and can "read" it, it's simple to know when it's time to go do the toilet related things. It's important to make your pet feel comfortable during these procedures and encourage them so they don't panic or feel scared about it. After all, this is going to be their daily routine throughout their whole life.

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Well, he sure knows how to pose for pictures! 📷

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Sunday checklist: ✔ Do nothing and chill ✔ Repeat

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Rexie: I'm all eyes, I'm all ears. All cute 😸

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#LearnAboutRexie A lot of people assume that the only proper way for Rexie and other cats in a similar condition to walk is using a wheelchair. But in fact, it's the other way round. Unlike dogs and a number of other animals, paralysed cats do not need a wheelchair to move around better and have a good quality of life. Most cats do feel better living as they are, without any additional object that we think might help them. Two-legged cats by no means are different from the normal ones, except for being slower and clumsier at times and having no ability to jump. But they do perfectly fine with those two legs they have. They're agile and mobile enough to do their daily cat things and if you put the cat in a wheelchair, it would limit those capabilities. So if you have a cat with rear end issues but who's moving around without any trouble, I would recommend letting him/her live as they are. Buying a wheelchair would be just a waste of money, learnt by the first hand experience. In case you're wondering where I got a wheelchair for Rexie, I bought it from a Ukrainian company Frakishtak. They make high quality custom things for special needs animals and ship worldwide. Just Google the name and you'll find them easily. To prevent sores or wearing fur off of a paralysed waist down cat that has to drag their feet as they walk, a drag bag can be used as an "alternative" to a wheelchair. Rexie doesn't have any issues with that so he doesn't have to wear one.

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Рекси – самая эмоциональная кошка в мире, которая завоевала интернет (23 фото)